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The AIHS is the health and safety profession collectively working together to positively shape workplace health and safety in our society.  Everything we do is about shaping workplace health and safety now and in the generations to come, because we believe that every Australian deserves to be safe and healthy at work.
We focus our resources on:
  • Supporting the development of world class health and safety practice.
  • Providing a collective voice for the profession.
  • Directly providing knowledge and information on health and safety.
  • Working to improve health and safety for future generations.
The values that underpin our work:
  • Integrity:  We are ethical, and act with honesty and accountability
  • Legacy:  We honour the contributions that have built what is here today
  • Diversity:  We respect each other's diverse perspectives
  • Leadership: We drive positive change within industries, organisations and our community
  • Humanity:  We are passionate about health and safety because we care about people and community
  • Innovation: We think forward and encourage new ways of improving health and safety.